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thetempestsync's Journal

Sync The Tempest
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Sync the Tempest

Age: 16 (as of staying two years elsewhere in a certain other dimensional nexus)

Status: Dead...canonly. What? XD

Status in Infinity: Unstable.

Personality: Sync appears now to be a calm person on the outside, conducting his conversations with ease and being able to even engage in small talk. However, it will only be a few minutes just be associating with him that would either cause the person he's speaking with to become annoyed, or very well want to punch the lights out of him. He's not a kind person, and he often demonstrates it with his caustic, biting remarks that seem to come out of the blue enough so at times to cause people to be stupefied, before the anger gradually sets in. He certainly has no remorse for what he does most of the time, and he'll even make it known to those around him -- not obnoxiously loud, but kinda...in your face.

He's not afraid to get into an argument OR a fight, considering he is a skilled martial artist as well as a skilled practitioner of fonic artes that can and will kick the ass out of those who underestimate him during battle. It is sort of why he retains a large amount of arrogance about his abilities -- the only thing he is proud of himself about. Otherwise, he could very well despise his own existence -- and in fact, he does -- and it is something he hasn't gotten out of for a while. He has long since convinced himself that he's nothing otherwise than trash, a worthless being. Of course, this is no thanks to him experiencing near-death situations by the hands of the Original Ion, of whom he is a replica of. It is something he will never get over, and he becomes increasingly frustrated at those who suggest he can easily forget the past.

Forgetting cruelty, being locked away in a small prison, with scarcely any food, is impossible, as well as forgetting being thrown into a volcano.

Combined with his self-hatred, along with his hatred for Ion, and the 7th replica of Ion, he doesn't make up quite a cherry person -- in fact, most of the time he winds up feeling empty. Although, also recently added to this was his two years with almost no contact with the beings at the first dimensional nexus he's been to which has further damaged his already skewered psyche. It is almost like a ticking time bomb, and in a place like Infinity, Sync doesn't feel the need to restrain himself. Which, may not be a good thin as the green-haired boy does have a tendency to like seeing others in pain -- what is commonly known as sadism.